Two-leg knee dominant exercises

The squat strengthens the knee and hip extensor muscles, which are the prime movers of sprinting and jumping and nearly every other type of athletic movement, as well as the muscles of the low back to stabilize the torso. Because of the sport-specific character, the squat has an excellent transfer to athletic performance.

All these exercises are closed kinetic chain exercises (exercises where the foot is the base of support). Like athletic movement, the force with these exercises is applied into the ground, which makes them functional.

  • Back squat

    The back squat is the cornerstone of lower body training. Because the back squat is a basic exercise, proper technique is very important.

  • Front squat

    The front squat is an intermediate lower body exercise. The front squat targets the quadriceps muscles more and requires more core stabilization, compared to the back squat.

  • Overhead squat

    The overhead squat is an advanced exercise that promotes lower body and core strength.

  • Squat & press

    The squat & press is an intermediate exercise to develop total body strength.

  • Squat & diagonal lift

    The squat & diagonal lift is three dimensional compound exercise to develop total body strength.

  • Jump squat

    The jump squat is an intermediate level exercise to develop lower body power.