TRX pendulum



Muscle Groups

Planes of Motion

Outer Unit

Necessary Material


The TRX pendulum targets core stability and strength.

The rotation and the constant need to stabilize generate a strong contraction of the obliques.

Starting Position

Place your feet in the TRX straps.

Lift your knees from the floor and assume a push-up position.

Keep the torso erect and the core tight. The knees and hips are extended and the spine is neutrally aligned.


Swing your legs from side to side for the prescribed amount of time or number of repetitions.

Coaching Keys

Avoid sagging the hips. Keep the core tight and the torso erect throughout the entire movement.

Concentrate on rotating the torso.


Isometrically hold the position on a signal of the coach or a training partner.

  • TRX pendulum with oblique knee tuck

    The TRX pendulum with oblique knee tuck combines the TRX pendulum with the TRX oblique knee tuck, to develop core stability and strength. By pulling the knees towards your body, the hip flexors are heavily involved. This exercise is suitable for intermediate and advanced fitness levels.