TRX knee tuck


Outer Unit


  • As a progression pull your knees to the side, adding another dimension to the movement. The TRX oblique knee tuck is an intermediate exercise that targets the core and hip flexors. The torso rotation generates a strong contraction of the obliques and gets the muscles of the core even firing more.

  • Another progression of this exercise is the TRX knee tuck with abduction. When you pulled the knees to the chest abduct your legs, like the leg action in the breaststroke, to return back to the starting position. The TRX knee tuck with abduction is an intermediate level exercise that targets the core, the hip flexor and hip abductor muscles.

    To put more variety to your workout you can combine these two or three exercises, alternating each repetition.
  • The single-leg TRX knee tuck is a challenging exercise to enhance core stability and strength. Pulling one knee towards your body places a higher demand on the core to maintain proper form.