Superband X walk


The superband X walk strengthens the muscles at the outside of your hips. These muscles stabilize the hip and knee.

Compared to the superband lateral walk, the superband X walk adds an upper-body component to the movement. This exercise trains the cross-body connection, that transmits forces from the ground through the leg and hip, across the SI-joint via the thoracodorsal fascia, into the opposite lattisimus dorsi.

Starting Position

Place both feet shoulder-width apart inside a superband.

Cross the band to form an X and press your arms overhead.

Assume a quarter squat position.


Take a step to the right with the right leg and follow with the left leg.

Take the prescribed number of steps to the right and then repeat on the opposite side.

Coaching Keys

Maintain the quarter squat position throughout the entire exercise.

Avoid that the knees move inward. Keep the knee well aligned between hip and ankle.

Keep the toes pointed forward.

Keep your feet at least shoulder-width apart, so there is always tension on the superband.