Spiderman push-up


By bringing the knee of the non-supporting leg up rotational instability is added, placing a higher demand on the core.

The Spiderman push-up promotes hip mobility.

Starting Position

Put your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Lift one foot off the floor.

Keep the torso erect and the core tight. The knees and hips are extended and the spine is neutrally aligned.


Lower your body by bending the arms until the chest touches the floor.

While lowering the body bring the non-supporting knee up to the side.

Return to the starting position by pushing the body up until the arms are fully extended.

While pushing up return the non-supporting leg to the starting position.

Coaching Keys

Make sure you perform the push-ups in the full range of motion with an erect torso and tight core.

As a progression put your feet up on a bench or box, so a higher percentage of body weight has to be lifted.