Single-leg squat & pull


This is a compound exercise that combines the single-leg squat with a one-arm row. It's a great exercise to develop upper-back strength together with balance, stability and single-leg strength.

The single-leg squat & pull trains the cross-body connection, that transmits forces from the ground through the leg and hip, across the SI-joint via the thoracodorsal fascia, into the opposite lattisimus dorsi.

Starting Position

This exercise can be performed with elastic resistance, an adjustable cable column or low pulley.

Position the handles at the bottom.

Assume a single-leg stance.

Reach forward with the opposite hand to grab the handle, and pull it to the side.


Squat down and reach forward with the opposite hand.

Return to the starting position by simultaneously squatting up, rotating the trunk and extending the shoulders.

Coaching Keys

By externally rotating the shoulder during the row, the rotator cuff (the main stabilisers of the shoulders) assists in the movement.


  • Explosive single-leg squat & pull

    The explosive single-leg squat & pull is a very challenging exercise to develop total body power together with balance and stability. This exercise is the explosive version of the single-leg squat & pull. By jumping out at the end of the concentric phase, acceleration occurs through the full range of motion. The single-leg landing requires very good balance and stability.

  • Rotational single-leg squat & pull

    The rotational single-leg squat is an advanced squat & pull variation, that addresses all three planes of motion. The rotation at the hip and low back requires superior stability and balance.