Single-leg lateral box squat



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The single-leg lateral squat is one of the most challenging exercises, if not the most.

The single-leg lateral squat puts a high demand on single-leg stability, balance and strength.

Compared to the other exercises of the single-leg squat progression, the single-leg lateral box squat is not limited to movement in the sagittal (front to back) plane, but addresses all three planes of motion. Therefore the single-leg lateral box squat has very good carry-over to cutting and changing of direction on the court.

This exercise belongs to the category of hybrid focus leg exercises. By bringing the non-supporting leg behind the supporting leg the athlete loads the glutes a lot more compared to a regular single-leg squat.

Starting Position

Assume a single-leg stance on a box.


Squat down by flexing the knee.

While you squat down, the left leg reaches for the floor at the right side of the box.

Keep the heel on the bench.

As you squat down, raise your arms to shoulder height as a counterbalance.

Squat back up, using only the leg you are balancing on.

Coaching Keys

Make sure the knee does not move beyond the toes when squatting down and up. Start the movement by flexing the knee. Minimize the movement at the ankle.