Resisted slide-board back lunge


The resisted slide-board back lunge gets the gluteus maximus (main hip extensor) and the adductor magnus (the great adductor muscle and synergist in extending the hip) even firing more.

A single-leg exercise to develop single-leg strength and balance.

Development of dynamic flexibility in the hip flexor muscles.

The slide-board back lunge is an accelerative exercise, mimicking the muscle actions of acceleration during a sprint. The slide-board back lunge has a high transfer to sprinting.

Starting Position

Wear a slide-board shoe on the back foot and position it on the slide-board.

Strap the belt around the waist.

Set the cable column height to the lowest setting.

Attach the cable of the cable column to the back of the belt.


Slide the back foot backwards until the back knee almost touches the slide-board.

Return to the starting position by performing a single-leg squat movement with the front leg.

Coaching Keys

Keep the torso erect and the core tight during the whole exercise.

If a slide-board is not available, the exercise can be performed with the back foot on a towel. This will minimize the friction with the gym floor.

If you master the exercise you can progress to performing the resisted slide-board back lunge with the front foot elevated on a step for a bigger range of motion.