Plyometric push-up

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This is an explosive push-up to enhance upper body power.

Make sure the traditional push-up variations are mastered before moving on to plyometric push-ups, in which the body is projected.

Research highlights that during traditional weight training the body or weight decelerates during the final part of the movement. When training with lighter weights to attempt to perform fast contractions, specific to sport activity, the range of deceleration increases. The accompanying deceleration phase results in significantly decreased motor unit recruitment and power production and compromises the effectiveness of the exercise to increase power. To enhance power, the bar or body has to be projected to avoid deceleration of the movement to a complete stop at the end of the range of motion.

Olympic lifts, weighted jump squats and plyometrics allow the athlete to accelerate throughout the entire range of motion and are therefore excellent for power development.

Athletes with adequate strength levels show poor improvement in power output as a response to traditional weight training. Specific exercises, that allow the athlete to explode through the entire movement, are needed to further enhance the explosive power performance.

Starting Position

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Coaching Keys

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