Transverse plane

  • SB dumbbell fly

    The SB dumbbell fly is a beginner exercise to strengthen the pectoral muscles, the anterior deltoid muscle and the biceps. The instability of the stability ball places a higher demand on the core to maintain proper form.

  • SB fly

    The SB fly is a challenging exercise to strengthen your chest, shoulders and core. Balancing on the stability balls requires good core strength and stability.

  • Inverse row

    The inverse row is an excellent exercise to develop strength in the upper back, the posterior shoulder region, the arms and core. It is suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Alternating grip inverse row

    The alternating grip inverse row is a variation of the inverse row. By alternating the grip more muscle fibres in the upper back and arms are recruited. 

  • Barbell row

    The barbell row is an intermediate level exercise to develop core and upper body pulling strength.

  • SB one-arm dumbbell row

    The SB one-arm dumbbell row is a beginner exercise to develop upper body pulling strength. Balancing on the stability ball places a high demand on core stability.

  • Squat & pull combination

    The squat & pull combination consists of three exercises put in succession. All three exercises are compound exercises that combine the squat with a row.

  • Rotational single-leg squat & pull

    The rotational single-leg squat is an advanced squat & pull variation, that addresses all three planes of motion. The rotation at the hip and low back requires superior stability and balance.


  • Dumbbell reverse flies

    The dumbbell reverse flies is a beginner exercise that targets the muscles of the posterior shoulder region, the rotator cuff and the scapula retractors. This exercise improves shoulder stability and reduces the change of injury.

  • Side lying external shoulder rotation

    The side lying external shoulder rotation is a beginner exercise to strengthen the rotator cuff and the posterior deltoid. This will improve shoulder stability and prevent injuries.