MB front lever push-up


The MB front lever push-up is a very challenging exercise that requires very good stability and strength.

It is an excellent exercise to develop upper body and core strength.

It is a good progression towards a one-arm push-up.

Starting Position

Assume a push-up position, each hand placed on a medicine ball.

Keep the torso erect and the core tight. The knees and hips are extended and the spine is neutrally aligned.


Lower your body, by flexing the right arm and rolling the left medicine ball forward (the left arm remains as extended as possible), until your chest touches the floor.

Return to the starting position by extending the right arm and rolling the left medicine ball back.

Perform the same movement on the opposite side.

Perform the prescribed number of repetitions.

Coaching Keys

Start with a wide foot stance and progress to a narrow foot stance.

Make sure you perform the push-ups in a full range of motion with an erect torso and a tight core.