MB crossover push-up


Compared to the alternating shuffle push-up, the ball stays in place and the athlete crosses over the ball. By crossing over the athlete really has to balance on the ball. Balancing on the ball will recruit more muscle fibres in the upper body and challenge the core even more.

Starting Position

Put your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, with one hand on the floor and the other on a ball.

Keep the torso erect and the core tight. The knees and hips are extended and the spine is neutrally aligned.


Lower your body by bending the arms.

Return to the starting position by pushing the body up until the arms are fully extended.

Roll the ball to the other hand and perform another push-up.

After every push-up the ball is passed to the opposite side until the prescribed number of repetitions are performed.

Coaching Keys

Make sure you perform the push-ups in the full range of motion with an erect torso and tight core.