• Overhead squat

    The overhead squat is an advanced exercise that promotes lower body and core strength.

  • Squat & press

    The squat & press is an intermediate exercise to develop total body strength.

  • Bulgarian split squat

    The Bulgarian split squat is a beginner exercise to develop single-leg strength. Compared to the split squat, there is only one stable point of support. This makes it harder to perform the exercise in good balance.

  • Single-leg squat

    The single-leg squat is an intermediate exercise to develop single-leg strength. The exercise is performed on one leg, without the assistance of the second leg for stability and balance.

  • Step-up

    The step-up is a good beginner exercise to start with single-leg dominant training.

  • Lateral step-up

    The lateral step-up is a beginner exercise to develop single-leg strength and stability. Compared to the step-up, the lateral step-up puts more emphasis on the inner thigh muscles.

  • Lateral squat

    The lateral squat is beginner level exercise to develop single-leg strength that targets the inner thigh muscles.

  • Single-leg Romanian deadlift & pull

    The single-leg Romanian deadlift & row is a compound exercise (combining the single-leg Romanian deadlift with the one-arm row) that emphasizes the cross-body connection even more. This exercise targets the entire posterior chain: hamstrings, glutes, the lower and upper back muscles. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced levels of training.

  • Staggered-stance Romanian deadlift & pull

    The staggered-stance Romanian deadlift targets the entire posterior chain and is suitable for all fitness levels. The staggered-stance Romanian deadlift & pull requires less balance and stability than a single-leg stance and is therefore a good progression to master the single-leg Romanian deadlift & pull. Due to the more stable staggered stance, more weight can be lifted, emphasizing more the strengthening of the upper back, compared to the single-leg Romanian deadlift & pull.

  • Superband lateral walk

    The superband lateral walk is an intermediate level exercise to strengthen the muscles at the outside of your hips. This exercise also targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and back extensor muscles. The superband lateral walk adds more vertical resistance to the movement, placing a higher demand on the knee and hip extensor muscles.