Inverse row


The inverse row is an excellent exercise to develop strength in the upper back, the posterior shoulder region and the arms.

It also strengthens the posterior muscles of the core. The inverse row combines a row and a bridge.

Starting Position

Place a bar in a rack in the bench press position. Place a bench parallel with the bar.

Slide your body underneath the bar and grab it in the bench press position.

Put your feet on a bench, with the toes pointing upward.

Keep your body straight.


Retract the shoulder blades and pull your chest up towards the bar.

Coaching Keys

Keep your body straight throughout the entire exercise.

As an advanced progression you can put the feet on a stability ball. This will emphasize the core even more.


  • Alternating grip inverse row

    The alternating grip inverse row is a variation of the inverse row. By alternating the grip more muscle fibres in the upper back and arms are recruited.