Dumbbell reverse flies



Muscle Groups

Planes of Motion

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Necessary Material


Dumbbell reverse flies promote scapular movement and stability and reduces the risk of shoulder injuries.

Research shows that this exercise promotes lower and middle trapezius activation with minimal activity in the upper trapezius. This will improve or restore scapular muscle balance and stability.

Starting Position

Perform the exercise with light dumbbells.

Elevate the upper end of the bench to approximately 30°.


Raise your arms out to the side bringing the dumbbells up to shoulder height.

Coaching Keys

By externally rotating the shoulder during the horizontal abduction, the rotator cuff (the main stabilisers of the shoulders) assists in the movement.

Start the movement by retracting the scapula before raising the arms. The focus is on the movement of the scapula not on the movement of the shoulder.