Bench press exercises

The bench press is the upper body exercise in which the highest amount of weight can be lifted. The bench press is an excellent exercise to create an overload on the upper body muscles to improve strength. The Bench press however is less functional than other upper body pressing exercises. Not many sports require pressing strength while being in a supine position. Unlike in the Bench press, pressing strength and power in sports depend highly on core strength and stability and on balance. Use the bench press and variants to develop upper body strength, but do not overemphasize this exercise. Integrate other pressing strength exercises like push-ups and standing chest presses into the workout.

  • Bench press (barbell)

    The barbell bench press is the exercise to develop upper body strength. It is suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Bench press (dumbbells)

    The dumbell bench press is a beginner exercise to strengthen the chest, shoulders and arms. The dumbbell bench press activates the stabilizer muscles more compared to the barbell bench press.

  • Alternating dumbbell bench press

    The alternating dumbell bench press is a beginner upper body exercise. Alternating the dumbbell press requires more coordination and stabilization.

  • One-arm dumbbell bench press

    The one-arm dumbbell bench press is a beginner chest exercise. Pressing up one dumbbell places a higher demand on the core to maintain proper form.