• Developing strength and power in multiple planes of motion will result in better and more explosive movement. Increased joint stability and control, force production and ability to decelerate movements will transfer to an improved quality of movement and reduced susceptibility to injury.

  • ´╗┐´╗┐Flexibility allows an athlete to move more freely in a greater range of motion. A flexible athlete moves with ease and is more mobile on the court. This will also benefit skill training and dexterity. Appropriate flexibility also enables the athlete to accelerate over a wider range of motion, enhancing speed and explosiveness.

  • Coordination/agility/quickness drills will help you to improve your footwork, agility and coordination and will give you that quick burst of speed. In order to become faster you need to train fast. By executing these drills at a high speed, the nervous system is forced to recruit more motor units at a higher speed. The athlete will gain quickness and become faster and more agile.