Chop and lift in-depth

Proprioception and facilitation of muscle activation

The chop and lift are based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) patterns that use functional diagonals. PNF promotes the response of the neuromuscular system through proprioceptive stimulation.

Movement patterns in sports are a sequence of patterns incorporating the head, neck, trunk and extremities. In throwing a ball for example, maximum shoulder internal rotation is generated through the transfer of forces from the legs, through the trunk to the shoulder.

By using multiple body segments in these exercises, the activation of the muscles of one segment can facilitate the activation of muscles in an adjacent segment. A contraction of the muscles extending the thoracic spine can increase the activity of the scapula retractors.

Training variation

The chop and lift can be used to functionally strengthen the core, to correct imbalances in the kinetic chain or as general strengthening.

The PNF rotational chop and lift can also be performed using elastic tubing, to focus on power and speed. Single-arm chops and lifts give the coach and trainer even more possibilities to build in variation.

Coaching key for the chop and lift

Make sure to perform the repetitions with good technique and posture. 'Make yourself as tall as possible' is a good verbal cue to assure good posture. Maintain the tall position throughout the entire movement.